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Swiss images

for media and tourism partners around the world


– the leading image portal for Swiss tourism since 1998

One Swiss image portal instead of fragmented solutions

With over 240,000 annual image downloads by national and international media sources over the last years, swiss-image.ch has proven that it understands what press users and tourism partners value: One image portal for Switzerland, not dozens of databases with different sources, quality, passwords and usability.


Photo Christof Sonderegger

Shared online platform, yet made to be customized

Tourismus@Image is a common service of the Swiss tourism industry, where each destination or provider has their own site. A tried and tested password system allows media representatives access to individual images, or the entire image portfolio, if they obtain accreditation from swiss-image.ch.


Photo Andreas Gerth

Professional, high-quality, affordable images

swiss-image.ch offers consistently high quality and standardized image management according to international standards. The image portfolios are edited and managed by a professional editing department. Unlike low-cost online services like Flickr, hosting by swiss-image.ch offers you quality, image awareness, expertise and continual PR work by swiss-image.ch and Schweiz Tourismus.


Photo Robert Bösch


for tourism image providers

Benefit from the internationally renowned Swiss image database – Number 1 for media representatives and partners!

More media attention and acceptance

Cozy hut above Arosa.

swiss-image.ch sets content and quality standards for tourism photography. We structured the Swiss image portal according to the requirements of international photo agencies. Therefore, the images can be integrated seamlessly into content management systems around the globe. Quality content, technical leadership and high availability have helped make swiss-image.ch Switzerland’s most-used online image database. The communication contribution by Schweiz Tourismus (partner of swiss-image.ch since 1999) has helped spread impressions of Switzerland to markets worldwide. swiss-image.ch has revolutionized the distribution of Swiss photographs.


Photo Christof Sonderegger

Less effort, lower costs for your destination

Snow shoe walking on Brunni.

Professional image management is not easy and never free. Above-average and typical photos must be made to order or purchased from photographers, not just every 10 years, but all the time. Nowadays, more photos than ever are used for advertising, websites and social media. These requirements are usually met or exceeded. But for distributing photos to the media and to partners, people go for the most daring solutions – as long as they are affordable. The results are many dispersed solutions with varying quality, standards and download methods. Tourismus im Bild is an affordable hosting solution by swiss-image.ch which has reached millions of users, because we know what the media and travel agencies are looking for. Therefore, we gave the Swiss image portal a major facelift. A new image database and a new website are the ideal place for your most beautiful holiday photos. And now our hosting services cost even less. Ask us! 

Photo Christian Perret

Benefits for you, the media and your partners

Family ski fun in Meringen-Hasliberg.

Image hosting by swiss-image.ch offers you and your tourism partners numerous benefits. Your local partners (hotels, holiday apartments, mountain railway) have quick and easy access to your photos (provided you own the copyright), as do travel agencies. Your image database is online 24/7/365! You decide who has access; just send an e-mail with the login data to the media source or the applicant. Your daily effort for image communication drops noticeably. And you can benefit from the media work carried out by swiss-image.ch and ST, which are allowed to accredit media. Of course, we can customize your solution, with an even cheaper (non-public) work database. Just ask! Ask us!


Photo Christian Perret


for tourism image hosting

Do you want to benefit from Switzerland’s leading online image portal?

Learn about the possibilities and prices of image hosting by swiss-image.ch. Entrust your most beautiful tourism photos to the world-renowned hosting system for Swiss tourism. It makes your image management more professional, more efficient and cheaper.

 For more information, call us at +81 413 55 50. We will also gladly send you our documentation with pricing samples.

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Tourism image hosting

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Photo Jan Geerk


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